100 Acre Royal site discovered near Sutton Hoo.



An exciting announcement today that the site of the long known East Anglian Royal complex at Rendlesham, Suffolk, has finally been discovered. Mentioned in the writings of Bede in the early 8th Century the site has been described by lead archaeological officer Jude Plouviez as an “exceptional Anglo-Saxon settlement which was flourishing at the time of Raedwald.” Raedwald is of course the most likely King to have been interred in mound one at the burial ground at Sutton Hoo, barely six miles to the south. Although the finds are still being kept under wraps for now they have been described as “highly significant” and include gold, silver and bronze coins along with fragments of jewellery.

For those that are interested and live within reach an exhibition of some of the finds will be held at the visitor centre at Sutton Hoo between March 31st and October 15th, a very fitting event to mark the 75th anniversary of the excavation of mound one and its treasures.

It seems that there are fantastic Anglo-Saxon discoveries made every few years now, Prittlewell, Staffordshire and now this. Who would have thought that the simple metal detector could be put to so much good use!

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