Almost a year has passed since the great barbarian army of the Senones crossed the Apeninnus and crushed the Etruscan forces outside Clusium. Determined to avenge the death of Crixos at the hands of the Roman general Numerius, the savage warriors of the barbarian leader Brennus recross the mountains and bear down on the city as Solemis and the Horsetail clan ravage Latium.

Confident in the might of their arms, the citizens of the great city gather on the Field of Mars to acclaim their army as it marches to drive away the threat. But the battle does not follow its expected course. Overwhelmed by the ferocity and tenacious brutality of the Gaulish warriors the army of Rome is routed, and the Fabii and their fellow citizens face the judgement of Nemesis as the mournful howl of barbarian war horns approach.

Other gods also scheme, and the druid Catumanda begins to understand that her journey may have a terrible conclusion…

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