Frisland Summer 523AD

An immense ship army under the command of Hygelac, King of Geatland has fallen on the northern provinces of the Frisian Kingdom. Rushing to defend his land the armies of the young inexperienced King Ida are defeated piecemeal as the invaders sweep through the length and breadth of the country at will. Moving south the Geats raid deeply into the lands of the Salian Francs, carrying sword and spear to the regions of the Hetware and Cherusci as the Christian giant in the south slumbers on.

But appearances can deceive. As the long days of midsummer slowly fade and the Geats prepare to sail away back to their northern fastness the Francs and Frisians move to crush their tormentors.

Into this whirlwind the paths of three heroes converge until they meet on the bloody battlefield before the town of Dorestada. Only the gods can know which, if any, will survive the clash.

Dayraven-Hygelac’s Raid is a final novella in the acclaimed Sword of Woden series dealing with the early life story of Beowulf and his clan.