Monsters: A review by The Historical Novel Society

I was very happy to receive the following review for the concluding part of my Beowulf trilogy. Not only was it written during the very first year of my attempts at becoming an author it is the first, and so far only book, which I have submitted for review to this illustrious society. Despite the fact that it was unusual in being a ‘genre mix’ as stated in the review, my book was selected from among the many hundreds submitted for consideration as an ‘Editors Choice’. Here is the review of which I am very proud!

Monsters (Sword of Woden 3)


Monsters (Sword of Woden 3) was a fascinating and insightful read. Based on the infamous ‘Beowulf’ poem, which is dated between the ninth and twelfth century, the trilogy combines historical credibility with mythology, legend and fantasy. I was initially suspicious about such a combination, preferring my historical fiction to stay as close to the facts as it can, but the fantasy elements fitted in with the belief systems of those times and contributed immensely to the authentic feeling of the novel.

The use of language, of place names and the descriptive details seemed well researched, and the battle descriptions, the locations and action were treated with care and attention. All of this makes the book more than just a Tolkienesque legend. It is a genre blend but one that deserves its place in historical fiction. The glossaries were helpful, a small map might have been useful, too.

The characters are particularly well drawn and the story is entertaining and historically informative. Recommended.

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